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The full moon's energy is strong, so let’s take advantage of it.

We can use the sacred feminine moon energy to assist us in the awakening process and embodying the sacred feminine. And, you can use the moon’s energy to hit that reset button.

This Full Moon Integration Healing will prepare you to integrate your energy into the full moon so you can manifest what you want.

In this healing, you will:

  • Connect into Gaia and feel safe and supported as you set an intention with great-grandmother moon on what you would like her to assist you with.
  • Break repeating thoughts that are no longer serving you and transform it into love and light.
  • Create new truths and write these new truths in your heart.
  • Receive a secret message from great-grandmother moon that will assist you in your future possibilities.
  • Integrate moon energies at your own pace with ease.
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